Hazy Mills Productions


Todd Milliner & Sean Hayes (of “Will & Grace” fame) formed Hazy Mills Productions in 2004 to develop and produce TV & Film projects for various studios, including NBC/Universal, CBS/Paramount, UPN, Bravo, CW, Showtime, SyFy, F/X, FOX & TV-Land.

Currently, HMP has three successful shows on the air - “Hot In Cleveland” and “The Soul Man” on TV-Land and “GRIMM” on NBC.  All programs are critical & commercial successes and each have continued to out-perform competitive programming airing in their respective time periods.

HMP is currently developing additional shows for TV-Land as well as numerous other shows for the upcoming 2012/13 Season & beyond.

Current TV Projects:

Now in its 3rd season, this successful cop drama is inspired by the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales, featuring Portland homicide detective, Nick Burkhardt, who discovers that he is a descendant of an elite line of criminal profilers known as “Grimms”, charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world.

starring: David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Bitsie Tulloch, Bree Turner, Reggie Lee and Claire Coffee.

The show airs Fridays at 9p/8c on NBC.

Official Website:  Click here.

This hit television sitcom, now going into its 5th Season, revolves around three fabulous L.A. women of a certain age who are best friends.  Their lives are changed forever when their plane - headed for Paris for a girls-only getaway - unexpectedly lands in Cleveland and they soon rediscover themselves in a new ‘promised land’. Loving their new home, the women live under one roof and battling wits with the sassy caretaker.

starring: Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick & Betty White

SEASON 5 debuts on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 at 10p/9c on TV-Land.

Official Website:  Click here.

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This brand new show is the 2nd original show for TV-Land developed by Hazy Mills Productions.  The show stars Cedric “The Entertainer”.  The show revolves around Cedric’s character, Reverend Boyce “The Voice” Ballentine, who is an R&B superstar-turned-minister who takes over as preacher of his father’s church.

starring: Cedric “The Entertainer”, Niecy Nash & John Beasley

SEASON 3 begins March 26th, 2014 at 10:30p/9:30c on TV-Land.

Official Website:  Click here.

This multi-camera situation comedy marks the return of award-winning actor Sean Hayes to primetime television starring in his own new show, written by Victor Fresco and directed by famed television director, James Burrows.  The show centers around Sean, who plays a gay, single father, who must figure out how to parent his 14-year old daughter, who just moved in, while navigating a temperamental new boss at work.

starring: Sean Hayes, Thomas Lennon, Lindsay Sloane, Echo Kellum, Samantha Isler and Linda Lavin.

The series is set to air on NBC for the Fall 2013/14 Season.

Official Website: Click here.

This brand new game show series hosted by the incomparable, Jane Lynch, features various celebrities hanging out and playing party games with fun-loving non-celebrity contestants in a cocktail party atmosphere in a swanky Hollywood Hills home setting.  Contestants will be playing for actual money while guest celebrities will be playing for the charity of their choice.

starring: Jane Lynch and various guest-stars

Wanna be a guest on the show and play games with your favorite celebrities?  Click here for more information and to apply.

The show airs Mondays at 8p/7c on NBC.

Official Website:  Click here.