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Randy Rainbow is attempting something no one has ever done before: podcasting! Randy embarks on his latest comedic journey with compelling interviews, hilarious sketches, and show-stopping musical performances. It’s all the Randy you want and less on The Randy Rainbow Podcast!


June 15 1 hr 8 min

Randy and Paul gush about Broadway icon and guest today Bernadette Peters. Randy shares how important the PBS recording of Into the Woods is to him. A caller asks Paul about Therapy Bar. Bernadette Peters is here to chat with Randy! She talks about her iconic roles, her warm-up routine and how much she loves Randy!

May 25 1 hr 1 min

Randy and Paul share their recent favorite TV shows. A caller asks Randy if he could ever date a Trump supporter or (*gasp*) someone who hates cats! The wonderful Rosanna Arquette is on the podcast! She talks about filming a movie with Madonna, her activism work with Jane Fonda, and her thoughts on social media.

May 11 49 min

Randy and Paul discuss the remarkable career of Jennifer Holliday. A listener calls in with a touching story about Randy's last cat Mushi. The fabulous Eric McCormack is on the podcast! He discusses playing Will Truman, his return to Broadway, and his new podcast, Eating Out w/ Eric McCormack and Steven Weber!

April 27 58 min

Randy and Paul dive deep into their histories. Randy shares the behind the scenes story of his "Adele Dazeem" Grammy moment. A caller asks who makes Paul and Randy starstruck. The gorgeous Alan Cumming is on the show! He discusses his fun fan base, his new movie, and the Broadway cruise.

April 13 1 hr 4 min

Randy and Paul go way back into their memories to discuss their meet cutes they had with the guest today. A caller's question about grandmothers elicits a heartfelt response from Randy. The incomparable Tituss Burgess is on the podcast! He talks about his journey in the industry, the success he's had, and his upcoming broadway musical!

March 30 58 min

Randy tells Paul about the Jury Duty summons he gets right before he has to host the Grammys. A caller wants to know what brands of nail polish Randy recommends. Randy loves Lucie Arnaz! She's on the podcast to discuss working with Neil Simon, how she discovered she could sing, and what it was like to grow up with famous parents.

March 16 54 min

Randy shares all the details about his Barbra Streisand encounter. Paul discusses his love of Madonna and his diplomatic thoughts on her career evolution. The nicest man in Hollywood, Henry Winkler, joins the show! He discusses his work on Barry, his beloved children's books, and his thoughts on the state of the world.

March 2 1 hr 4 min

Randy and Paul share their backstory about how they met at Therapy ... bar. A caller asks Randy about his skincare routine and how he gets to be so fabulous. The extraordinary Bianca Del Rio is on the podcast. She gabs with Randy about how Paul discovered them both, the legendary Barbra Streisand, and how she feels about internet trolls.

February 16 1 hr

Randy and Paul finally squash their beef and put an end to the argument since Paul has now read Randy's New York Times bestselling memoir, Playing with Myself (available wherever books are sold)! A caller wonders what medium is Randy's favorite to play in. The magnificent and stunning Jane Lynch joins Randy! They talk about all her iconic roles (including her recent stint in Funny Girl on Broadway), her thoughts on standing ovations, and the time she met Barbra Streisand.

February 2 1 hr 2 min

Randy's got that empire state of mind after a night at the theater. He shares with Rebecca his experience at the Some Like It Hot opening night and how he ended up at a party with Martin Short and Nathan Lane. A caller wants to know the inside scoop on the videos Randy is releasing this year. The incredible Gretchen Carlson is on the podcast! She discusses her time at Fox, her impact on the MeToo movement, and the recent work she has done to end sexual harassment in the workplace.

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“Randy Rainbow you are everything with sprinkles on top. Looking forward to this and everything else you do, you lil sensation!”

kwagtoo June 3, 2022