Dr. Priyanka Wali is a licensed and practicing physician and a stand up comedian. Sean Hayes is NOT a doctor, but he is obsessed with medical stories, medical advice, and whatever ailment he has had, is having, or will have in the future. Each episode, Sean and Dr. Wali bring on a (celebrity) guest with an incredible medical story and discuss the outcome. Each guest also goes head to head with Sean to test their knowledge of medical facts and pop culture. It’s safe to say that Sean is not America’s first hypochondriac, but he IS America’s first HypochondriACTOR!

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Latest Episodes

June 15 1 hr 8 min

Randy and Paul gush about Broadway icon and guest today Bernadette Peters. Randy shares how important the PBS recording of Into the Woods is to him. A caller asks Paul about Therapy Bar. Bernadette Peters is here to chat with Randy! She talks about her iconic roles, her warm-up routine and how much she loves Randy!

May 31 48 min

On this episode of Eating Out, Eric, Steven, Noah Wyle, and Rob Morrow reminisce about sucking and blowing! Noah shows off his special toys, Rob exposes himself to everyone, Steven broadens his vocabulary, and Eric gets intimate. Gum (remember no teeth!) on titillating conversation with four besties.

May 31 47 min

Scott and Priyanka discuss their origin stories and how they got started in their careers. The iconic Andrew McCarthy is on the show! He discusses his new travel memoir and the importance of relationship building.

122. Woman In Black

The GrimmCast

May 30 35 min

Who is the woman in black? Bitsie and Bree talk about the secrets revealed and cliffhangers of the season one finale of Grimm. They answer fan questions about what storylines they knew in advance and Bree reveals more details about MonRosalee. They talk about their feline cast mates, Bree's pregnancy, and the energy on set anticipating season two!

May 30 33 min

You know what they say about big feet? Big shoes! With Claire gone, Bitsie and Bree have some big shoes to fill with their recap of this cryptid inspired episode. Bitsie and Bree discuss Juliette's lab scenes, some goofs from the episode, and tease the season one finale!

May 25 1 hr 1 min

Randy and Paul share their recent favorite TV shows. A caller asks Randy if he could ever date a Trump supporter or (*gasp*) someone who hates cats! The wonderful Rosanna Arquette is on the podcast! She talks about filming a movie with Madonna, her activism work with Jane Fonda, and her thoughts on social media.

May 24 53 min

Scott discusses his recent sunny vacay. Priyanka talks about her teeth grinding and the importance of journaling. The hilarious Will Sasso is on the podcast to share how a tooth crown turned into a hospital stay.

It's always a happily ever after when Amanda Schull is on the podcast! Claire, Bitsie, and Bree recap this surprising twist on Cinderella. The marvelous Amanda Schull is on the podcast! She discusses her friendship with Bitsie, what it was like to play a villain on Grimm, and her time on set!

On this episode of Eating Out, it's an attack of the Brits! Eric and Steven play around with the mouthwatering Alfred Molina and Lucy Davis. Alfred learns from theater cougars, Lucy shares what it was like to romp around The Office, Steven finds Hair in unlikely places, and Eric tries out human emotion. Grab a bite and listen to this sexy group have an asstounding good time!

May 17 52 min

Scott and Priyanka discuss Scott's first colonoscopy. She might not be a doctor, but she certainly played one on TV ... It's the incredible Sarah Drew. She talks about an intense Grey's Anatomy story and her experience having Shingles during the peak of the pandemic.

May 16 26 min

Leave it to Claire and Bree to discuss another fun episode! They talk about Nick and Monroe's relationship, the epic fight with the reapers, and they ponder what vegan salmon could possibly be.

May 11 49 min

Randy and Paul discuss the remarkable career of Jennifer Holliday. A listener calls in with a touching story about Randy's last cat Mushi. The fabulous Eric McCormack is on the podcast! He discusses playing Will Truman, his return to Broadway, and his new podcast, Eating Out w/ Eric McCormack and Steven Weber!

Introducing Scott Wolf!


May 10 19 min

Everyone, give a round of applause for the amazing Scott Wolf! Priyanka walks Scott through his first foray into podcast hosting and Scott updates Priyanka on his current medical ailments!

On this week's special episode, the incredibly talented Rick Marvin joins Bree and Claire to hit all the high notes. They talk about the music behind Grimm, the collaboration behind the scenes, and how Rick created the music for the podcast!

On this episode of Eating Out, Eric and Steven are joined by the scrumptious Tony Shalhoub and Peri Gilpin. Tony discusses getting saucy on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Eric shares his beef with David Schwimmer, Peri talks about edging her dream role on Frasier, and Steven nibbles and noshes on good conversation. Have dinner and listen to our show with four friends ready to share a helping hand.

May 3 33 min

It's the 100th episode of HypochondriActor and we have big news! Sean and Priyanka announce who will be the guest host while Sean is on Broadway. We also take a trip through our medical records. Sean and Priyanka recap some of their favorite moments from the first 100 episodes.

May 2 48 min

Sebastian Roché can be the cat to our mouse any day! Claire, Bitsie, and Bree dive into all the dark twists and turns of this episode. Sebastian talks about his friendship with Bitsie, his penchant for villains, and the hit shows he's been on.

April 27 58 min

Randy and Paul dive deep into their histories. Randy shares the behind the scenes story of his "Adele Dazeem" Grammy moment. A caller asks who makes Paul and Randy starstruck. The gorgeous Alan Cumming is on the show! He discusses his fun fan base, his new movie, and the Broadway cruise.

April 25 12 min

On this very special episode, Claire and Bree answer your fan questions! They talk about the languages used on the show, the hope for a spinoff, special effects, and their favorite memories. Don't miss it!

April 19 1 hr 4 min

This week on Eating Out, the yummy Bryan Cranston and the delicious Julie Bowen slurp and spill with Eric and Steven. Julie talks about learning how to dominate, Eric and Steven hit all the high notes, and Bryan makes everyone laugh by being a (breaking) bad little boy. Masticate and swallow with these four friends! Choking not encouraged (unless it's consensual)!

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