Dr. Priyanka Wali is a licensed and practicing physician and a stand up comedian. Sean Hayes is NOT a doctor, but he is obsessed with medical stories, medical advice, and whatever ailment he has had, is having, or will have in the future. Each episode, Sean and Dr. Wali bring on a (celebrity) guest with an incredible medical story and discuss the outcome. Each guest also goes head to head with Sean to test their knowledge of medical facts and pop culture. It’s safe to say that Sean is not America’s first hypochondriac, but he IS America’s first HypochondriACTOR!

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Latest Episodes

103. Beeware w/ Nana Visitor


The GrimmCast

November 22 30 min

Beeware of how incredible Nana Visitor is. Nana is on this week of the podcast to discuss the third episode of season one, her role as the Queen Bee, and the fan base that has followed her career.

November 15 36 min

Episode description: Bears will be bears and Kate Burton will be a badass. Aunt Marie AKA Kate Burton joins Bitsie, Bree, and Claire to discuss the second episode of season one, her relationship to the show, and what inspired her KICKASS character.

BONUS – Arriving in Portland


The GrimmCast

November 8 44 min

On this very special bonus episode, Bitsie, Bree, and Claire talk about arriving in Portland, meeting each other, and transforming into their characters. You won’t want to miss this exclusive behind the scenes chat!

November 24 54 min

It's nearly Thanksgiving and Randy Rain-Gobble, and his producer Rebecca discuss their plans for the holiday. Randy gives advice on how to survive the holidays with family members you might disagree with. The gorgeous Cheyenne Jackson joins the show to discuss his life, his husband and kids, and his show Call Me Kat.

November 23 49 min

It's Thanksgiving! Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) and Steven Weber (Wings, Chicago Med) join Sean and Priyanka for a special holiday episode. They share all their favorite (and least favorite) Thanksgiving memories, give updates on their medical anxieties, and discuss Eric and Steven's new dinner party podcast!

November 10 47 min

Randy walks us through memories of haircuts past. You won't find a gray hair on his fabulous head! A caller asks Randy how he got started in satire and he reveals his DMs with Chasten Buttigieg. The hilarious Alec Mapa joins the show to discuss his gorgeous family and his new Drag Race podcast.

November 9 44 min

Sean and Priyanka discuss journaling their days away and the benefits it has to their mental health. The wonderful Kim Fields joins the show to discuss her surprise pregnancy and her Netflix show The Upshaws.

November 8 44 min

On this first episode of The Grimmcast, the Grimm himself David Giuntoli joins Bitsie, Bree, and Claire to discuss the pilot episode of the hit NBC TV show Grimm. They talk about their casting stories, falling in love with Portland, and how the cast and crew became a family.

November 3 52 min

To kiss or not to kiss ... Randy and Rebecca discuss the challenges of dating during the pandemic. A caller asks Randy how he got started in satire and he ponders who his dream guest would be. Adam Rippon joins the show to share relationship advice and his life as a newlywed.

November 2 54 min

It's an all doctor episode! The FDA Commissioner joins Sean and Priyanka to discuss the importance of getting vaccinated this flu season. Dr. Drew is on the podcast! From Loveline to Ask Dr. Drew, he shares all about his career and his prostate cancer diagnosis.

October 27 59 min

It’s almost Halloween! Randy and his producer, Rebecca talk about their plans for the spooky season. A fan asks about Randy’s mom and how she’s handled his success. The wonderful Harvey Fierstein graces the podcast to discuss growing up gay and his new memoir.

October 27 54 min

Boo! On this spooky episode of HypochondriActor, Sean and Priyanka share their favorite costumes from Halloween past. NASCAR legend Danica Patrick joins the show to discuss her experience with breast implant illness.

October 20 40 min

The Phantom of the Opera is there ... but not for much longer! Randy reflects on the longest running broadway musical. A caller prompts Randy to reveal his REAL name. The hilarious Judy Gold is on the podcast to discuss breaking into the world of comedy and her love for ALL things Rainbow.

October 19 50 min

Sean discusses with Priyanka the return of his ocular migraines. It’s spooky season and our favorite witch Kathy Najimy is on the podcast. She talks about Hocus Pocus 2 and living with diabetes.

October 13 42 min

Randy reveals the results from his time at the Emmys and how he won the heart of Seth Meyers. A fan question prompts Randy's advice for children. The wonderful Jon Cryer joins to share his love of musical theater and what he has learned from looking back at some of his iconic characters.

October 12 47 min

Sean and Priyanka discuss the smells that trigger instant nostalgia. Can you guess Sean's cologne of choice? The glorious Randy Rainbow comes out and onto the show! He talks about starting his own new podcast and feeling claustrophobic on airplanes.

October 6 45 min

Got an itch you just can’t scratch? Randy’s got a cure with Mitch McConnell's new face and neck cream. Randy works on his Judy Garland impression and shares how fans have influenced his videos. Longtime bestie and superstar Josh Gad joins Randy to gab about Broadway, acting and children’s theater camp.

October 5 48 min

Sean shares a clip of Carol Burnett on The Randy Rainbow Podcast. Priyanka and Sean gush about their love of music. Justin Long tells the tale of his mysterious butt bite.

September 29 48 min

Randy does his first podcast ad for Rudy Giuliani's new hair dye company and shares the story of how he and his beloved cat Tippy came into each other's lives. And don't miss the one and only Carol Burnett. In this rare interview, she discusses her work with Steven Sondheim and being a comedy legend.

September 28 47 min

Priyanka lets Sean in on her new daily habit. Alyssa Milano is on to talk about her complex PTS and the methods she uses to calm her mind.

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