Dr. Priyanka Wali is a licensed and practicing physician and a stand up comedian. Sean Hayes is NOT a doctor, but he is obsessed with medical stories, medical advice, and whatever ailment he has had, is having, or will have in the future. Each episode, Sean and Dr. Wali bring on a (celebrity) guest with an incredible medical story and discuss the outcome. Each guest also goes head to head with Sean to test their knowledge of medical facts and pop culture. It’s safe to say that Sean is not America’s first hypochondriac, but he IS America’s first HypochondriACTOR!

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Latest Episodes

March 16 54 min

Randy shares all the details about his Barbra Streisand encounter. Paul discusses his love of Madonna and his diplomatic thoughts on her career evolution. The nicest man in Hollywood, Henry Winkler, joins the show! He discusses his work on Barry, his beloved children's books, and his thoughts on the state of the world.

March 15 20 min

In this HypochondriActor special, a caller tells her shocking story about dental work. Sean and Priyanka discuss the scary incident Jeremy Renner experienced and what his road to recovery could look like.

March 14 41 min

On the dreamiest show of The GrimmCast yet, the hosts recap the episode where Bree makes her first appearance! Bitsie, Bree, and Claire discuss Bree's prep for Rosalie, why she made the decision to take the role, and the foundations built for MonRosalie.

March 9 43 min

Sean tells Priyanka about the scholarship fund he has at Illinois State University and the time he met one of the recipients. The wonderful Hillarie Burton joins the podcast! She shares her fascination with amnesia and all the details about her recent true crime series.

March 7 55 min

Not even a plumed serpent's bite could keep us from listening to this podcast! Bitsie, Bree, and Claire recap this fiery episode with the one and only Danielle Panabaker. They discuss her time on the show, her long lasting friendship with Bitsie, and her recent experiences directing!

March 2 1 hr 4 min

Randy and Paul share their backstory about how they met at Therapy ... bar. A caller asks Randy about his skincare routine and how he gets to be so fabulous. The extraordinary Bianca Del Rio is on the podcast. She gabs with Randy about how Paul discovered them both, the legendary Barbra Streisand, and how she feels about internet trolls.

March 1 33 min

This podcast goes swimmingly! Sean and Priyanka talk about Sean's fear of swimming and how to reduce anxiety. The wonderful Wilson Cruz is on the show. He tells the story of how he learned one leg was shorter than the other.

February 28 41 min

On this very special episode of The Grimmcast, executive producer Todd Milliner joins Bitsie, Bree, and Claire to talk about how the Grimm sausage was made. They discuss the silly CGI bears, the use of real live bees, and answer a few fan questions.

February 22 27 min

It's our very first HypochondriActor special! A caller tells the story of the time she had whooping cough while abroad. Sean and Priyanka discuss the terrifying incident that happened to Buffalo Bills football player Damar Hamlin and Priyanka shares her medical insights.

February 21 27 min

We would pay not one, not two, but three powerful coins to listen to this episode over and over again! Bree and Claire recap one of their favorite episodes of season one of Grimm, Three Coins in A Fuchsbau. A very special fan (who you all know and love) calls in to ask Bree and Claire some pressing questions about the series. And don't miss the very fun guest appearance from the one and only Sasha Roiz.

February 16 1 hr

Randy and Paul finally squash their beef and put an end to the argument since Paul has now read Randy's New York Times bestselling memoir, Playing with Myself (available wherever books are sold)! A caller wonders what medium is Randy's favorite to play in. The magnificent and stunning Jane Lynch joins Randy! They talk about all her iconic roles (including her recent stint in Funny Girl on Broadway), her thoughts on standing ovations, and the time she met Barbra Streisand.

February 15 39 min

Happy Valentine's Day! In this love filled episode, Priyanka and Sean share their thoughts on the holiday. The talented Shaun Cassidy is on the show to talk about his work New Amsterdam and his recovery after tearing his achilles tendon.

February 14 42 min

Russell Hornsby is on the show to talk about how excited he was the last actor standing in the casting of Hank. Bree, Claire, and Russell discuss this gruesome episode, how much fun working on set was, and the friendships they've formed for life.

February 8 38 min

HypochondriActor is nominated for an iHeart Podcast Award! Sean and Priyanka celebrate the good news. The marvelous Elaine Hendrix is on the podcast. She discusses her status as a gay icon and the interesting case of scarlet fever she had as a child.

February 7 23 min

Our Taren-Tell-All continues in this very special bonus episode. Bree and Claire catch up with this week's superb guest star, Amy Acker. They discuss their audition room stories, how Amy got into character, and all the amazing work she's done post Grimm!

February 2 1 hr 2 min

Randy's got that empire state of mind after a night at the theater. He shares with Rebecca his experience at the Some Like It Hot opening night and how he ended up at a party with Martin Short and Nathan Lane. A caller wants to know the inside scoop on the videos Randy is releasing this year. The incredible Gretchen Carlson is on the podcast! She discusses her time at Fox, her impact on the MeToo movement, and the recent work she has done to end sexual harassment in the workplace.

Phil Rosenthal / ALS


February 1 38 min

You may say they are dreamers! Priyanka discusses how her fantasy of safely eating a walnut came true in her dreams. Sean wonders why his heart races while he sleeps. Everybody loves Phil Rosenthal! He joins the podcast this week to discuss his Netflix show, Somebody Feed Phil, and the incredible work of I Am ALS.

January 31 44 min

This week it's a Taren-Tell-All with the one and only Sasha Roiz! Bree, Claire and Sasha reminisce about their time on the show, Sasha's charity work in Portland, and how much Sasha was told about the future of Captain Renard.

January 26 1 hr 5 min

Randy and Rebecca share how their relationships with their parents have evolved. A caller asks Randy about what he does when he gets recognized in public. The hilarious and insightful Dan Savage is on the podcast. He talks about his new movie, how his column has changed over the years and gives Randy advice on how to find love, or maybe just lust.

January 25 49 min

Sean and Priyanka discuss the books currently occupying their minds. The incredibly smart Deepak Chopra is on the show! He discusses his new book, his many years as a doctor, and his experiences with plant based medicines.

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